• De-Matting and De-Shedding

  • De-Matting

    I perform de-matting, however if the dog is seriously matted then a shave off may be required as we only want the best for your dog. A small fee may be added for extra time and care taken to de-matt your dog.

    Sanity Before Vanity

    Your dogs welfare comes first.

    If a dogs coat is presented to me in a severely matted state, I will have no alternative but to shave it down short to get between the knots and the skin.

    A dog will not tolerate an extensive de-matting procedure, it causes unnecessary distress to your dog leaving the skin sore and bruised. Rather than your dog having a lifelong fear of being groomed it is much better to relieve your pet from the matted fur and start again.

    Bring your dog back for grooming at the recommended intervals and you will have your pet looking just how you wanted in no time at all. Hair will grow back, your dog’s temperament however is not so easy to regain.

    I would normally recommend your pet comes in for grooming every 6 -12 weeks depending on the breed. 


    This is specially designed for dogs that are prone to heavy shedding as it reduces shedding by up to 60-80% after the first treatment, ideally suited to heavy coated breeds such a Huskys and German Shepherds and other breeds experiencing a lot of shedding.

    Call me to discuss your breed for a no-obligation quote.

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