• Full Groom

  • A full groom includes everything from head to toe.  

    All grooms will Including a warm wash in my bath with dog shampoo and conditioner if appropriate. 

    The coat will then be hand dried in accordance with type to enable me to get the best finish for your dog. 

    Nail clipping and ear cleaning / ear plucking where appropriate is included.  

    Your dogs coat will be thoroughly brushed and combed through prior to styling.

    Lastly if your pet requires trimming, I can clip or scissor to achieve the desired result. 

    • Full Brush Out
    • De-Shedding (where appropriate) 
    • Ear Clean/Plucking (where appropriate) 
    • Nail Cut 
    • Soothing Bath 
    • Shampoo & Coat Conditioning (where appropriate) 
    • Coat Drying 
    • Scissoring /Clipping (where appropriate) 

    The cost of the treatment will vary on some factors such as age, size, breed, coat type, behaviour, health, maintenance, etc. 

    Call me to discuss your breed for a no-obligation quote.

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