• Puppy Pamper

  • A puppy pamper is important for your puppy to get used to the grooming process from a young age, so it becomes an enjoyable experience for future grooms.

    I welcome and recommend puppies come in for their first visit after their vaccination schedule is complete.

    They benefit from at least one short visit to the groomers before the first full hair appointment.

    This enables your puppy to get to know the person trimming his fur and become accustomed to the unusual sights and sounds in the parlour.

    • Soothing Bath
    • Shampoo & Coat Conditioner (where appropriate)
    • Nail Cut
    • Shape Up, Eyes, Paws & Sanitary Areas

    Puppy’s First Groom

    Introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming parlour ready for future treatments. This treatment is full of cuddles and for puppies between 3-6 months who have had all necessary vaccinations.  The treatment includes gentle body brushing, ear cleansing, conditioning bath, gentle fluff dry, nail trim.

    Puppy First Trim

    Trims up your puppy’s fluffy coat to keep them looking tidy but still like a puppy while they transition to their adult coat. This treatment includes a conditioning bath, gentle blow dry, full body brushing, ear cleansing, nail trim and an all over trim.

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